This site is designed to offer an overview of my professional work as a learning space researcher and a rhetoric and composition educator.  I have over twelve years of teaching experience, and my love of teaching writing in higher education has had a significant impact on my scholarly research. I am a Teaching Assistant Professor of Rhetoric & Composition at North Carolina State University, where I teach writing courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and provide administrative support to the First-Year Writing Program.

I have my PhD in  Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media from North Carolina State University, where I concentrated my studies on the intersections of rhetoric, composition studies, and learning spaces. Through my research I explore how non-traditional, technology-rich learning spaces are used by students and teachers, as well as the role these environments play in teaching and learning. While I am interested in a variety of learning spaces on higher education campuses, my work primarily focuses on the spaces where the work of writing and composing typically take place, such as composition classrooms, writing centers, multiliteracy centers, and libraries.

The study of higher education learning spaces is an area that is under researched, particularly in the field of rhetoric and composition.  As a result, I’d welcome the opportunity to talk about learning space studies or related issues – in any discipline – in the interest of knowledge sharing.  I’ve developed a Flexible Writing Classroom Resource website based on my work at NCSU, and  I’m especially interested in methodologies and techniques for the study of learning spaces.